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A Wide Variety of Markets

With more than two and half decades of experience working in the healthcare, dental, commercial, nonprofit, residential, and government industries, Schley Nelson has delivered thoughtful and innovative projects that take into consideration not only project specifications but also how spaces need to be used by people.

Complex user-system projects account for 85% of the work we accomplish, and we are proud of the collaboration between our talented staff and the clients we serve.

Healthcare & Dental

Our client’s healthcare solutions are technologically advanced, possess impeccable quality, and are efficiently designed.

We are a market leader that offers solutions centering around creating spaces for faster diagnostics, and also rich in compassion and dignity.

Collaboration is the key to designing medical facilities that inspire and create trust in medicine.

Commercial & Non-Profit

Schley Nelson has a proven track record of producing commercial and non-profit spaces that are innovative,  comfortable, and user-friendly.

It is paramount that the needs of our clients and the needs of the community are incorporated fully into each project.

Our wide range of expertise ensures the best possible outcome for your project.


Our ability to offer our residential clients a full range of expert architecture design services is what sets us apart.

Each project is unique and carries an emotional element that we work hard to honor. Your home is as important to us as it is to you.

We are proud of these collaborative efforts and the relationships we have formed with our clients.


We have been a trusted partner for many governmental projects across the State of Michigan, as well as in Northern Ohio and Indiana.

With a thorough understanding of smart processes, we work consistently to deliver original designs with a unique vision in a cost-effective manner.

Our reputation has enabled us to achieve 75% of our work from direct referrals or repeat clients.

Our Clients

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